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More than 50 Varieties of Safes

Protect Your Valuables

When it comes time to protect your valuable items or to secure your weapons, going with just any company is not going to cut it. Kracht Safe Division has built a sterling reputation throughout the Carrington, ND area because of our fair prices, expert knowledge, and quality products.

Every Safe is Different

Don’t just blindly make a purchase of a safe because, in the end, it may not be what you are looking for. We have a wide selection and a knowledgeable sales team to answer all of your questions and educated you on the best way to protect your valuables.

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  1. We offer the peace of mind that when a customer buys a safe from us. They understand that they are receiving the best possible quality for the price.
  2. Our company’s safes are a practical solution in order for businesses to protect assets, schools to protect records, and homeowners to protect valuables and keep firearms safe.
  3. Our knowledge cannot be beat. Would you like to know how many guns a safe will hold? What is the fire rating of the safe? You will have questions and we will have answers!
Kracht Safe Division


Rhino gun safes and home safes use a revolutionary design to provide you with superior protection against today’s new threats. Rhino safes are available with a variety of increased wall thicknesses to protect you against the growing threat of grinding and cutting attacks.

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Kracht Safe Division


Hollon Safes have thicker steel, bigger bolts for an added layer of protection. With a 3-gauge door and 8-gauge body, you can’t beat the quality or the price. These models are highly rated and can withstand 90-minutes at temperatures of up to 1,400° F degrees external and 350° F internal.

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Kracht Safe Division


Whether its lights, enhanced storage, hangers, sleeves, rods or lights, we have the additional safe guards and amenities for your arsenal and valuables.

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Kracht Safe Division


Our knowledge about our products are truly second to none. We know these safes inside and out, top to bottom, locked, and open. We look forward to your consulting with us on your next safe purchase!

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Dale found me just the right safe to store and protect my valuables and hand guns. He knew exactly what questions to ask to determine my needs. My new safe was delivered right to my door. I will definitely do business with this company again.

Mary P.
Lancaster, CA